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We exist to transform the way families
live their lives together for generations

Dr. Lindsay Bourque, B.Sc., D.C.

When I was around 14 years old I started complaining to my mom that I had a pain in the left side my lower back and pelvis. My Mom had recently started seeing a chiropractor, and one day she took me out of school to have my spine checked. The chiropractor did a thorough history before examining me and quickly zeroed in on a problem that I had, I didn’t even realize that I had this problem, or that it could be helped. I had suffered from headaches for as long as I could remember and routinely took children’s Tylenol to numb the pain. The chiropractor did an exam, x-rayed my spine and explained to me what was going on. She could feel and see that I had some misalignments (also called subluxations) in my spine that were causing my symptoms. She adjusted me and after a few weeks, I was amazed at how much better I felt, it was amazing the difference a realigned spine made. I was sleeping better, had higher focusing in school, had no pain in my lower back, and the headaches were gone.

The truth of how powerful chiropractic was hit me immediately. It had helped my body heal itself. I didn’t need anything from outside my body to ‘fix’ what was ‘wrong’ on the inside of me. I had long wondered why I was taking a pain medication/anti inflammatory to get rid of the pain. It never truly made it go away, once the medication wore off the pain would return, every time, with out fail. Getting an adjustment made sense to me then and every since I have been adjusted regularly.

I knew then and there that I had discovered my calling. My chiropractor had given me hope for a higher quality of life the moment she examined my spine.

Because of my own experience with chiropractic care, I am passionate about what an aligned spine and properly functioning nervous system can do for every member of our community. I see everyday how our presence in Athens is changing family’s lives for the better. We have a very big purpose- We exist to transform the way families live their lives together for generations. We strive to enhance the quality of life for every member of the family. It’s as simple as this: a mother suffering from daily headaches is missing out on the lives of her children. The time she spends sleeping it off, or irritable because she is in pain, will affect her relationships with her family. We hear stories like this everyday from our new patients. We envision a future where every family in every community will be fully engaged to live life under corrective chiropractic care. Remember, It’s your health, your life.

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